Festive Amazon Festive Amazon
Amazona festiva
Toco Toucan Toco Toucan
Toco toucan
East African crowned crane East African crowned crane
Balearica regulorum

The Founder of this beautiful Park is Mr. Moacyr Carvalho Dias

The passion for birds has begun early in Mr. Moacyr’s life. During his childhood, at the age of 6, he started keeping different species of  Rails and Tinamous in aviaries made of bamboo. Along his life, Mr. Moacyr  has always maintained aviaries, studying birds breeding behavior, researching the best food and building nests for them.
Besides having birds as his great hobby, he decided to face the Dairy industry and brought Danone from France together with all its technology regarding yogurt production. Once the French were convinced about the vast potential of this country, Danone has become a market leader and has sustained this position until today.
The stability came after 52 years of hard work in the Dairy, and with it, enough time to devote himself to his great passion, breeding birds.
In 1980, a land of 13,6 hectare was purchased by Mr. Moacyr in order to set up aviaries for his Tinamous, Partridge and Guans. New aviaries were built along the years, and in 1999 he received from a breeder, through IBAMA, 10 pairs of Mitu Mitu. These birds are extinct in their own habitat. (See Ave é Vida Institute)
The parrots were included in his collection after a while, and some of them are even very rare.
A large building was designed by him with more than 120 aviaries to separate all his pairs of parrots.
Continually more aviaries were built for the Waterfowls, Curassows, Flamingos, etc, and today there are over 500 of them.
                       Mr. Moacyr Carvalho Dias with a respectable age of 89 years.
             A real pioneer, perfectionist, successful in life and a great respect for nature.
Through the same interest, the passion for birds, was born a friendship between two families, the Carvalho Dias and the Kooij, from Holland - “Waterfowl Breeding Farm”.
Recently, the Kooij came in to the picture to join forces and participate in Moacyr’s Park and so continue with this beautiful collection.
This family breeds birds for four generations and has some first worldwide breeding result and lots of expertise on importing and exporting birds throughout the world.