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Institute Ave é Vida Institute Ave é Vida
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The Ave è Vida Institute aims to assist, support, encourage, develop and promote social activities, cultural, educational, scientific and technology aimed at the protection, preservation and conservation of the environment and promoting sustainable development.
To accomplish its objectives, the Ave é Vida Institute may conduct any activities that they are compatible with or necessary, including:
1. develop and implement projects aimed at conservation and preservation of biodiversity, particularly the avi-fauna through the natural habitat management, conservation units in federal, state, municipal and private, or outside the natural habitat, breeding sites, zoos, botanical gardens, research centers, universities, among others;
2. public awareness of issues concerning environment and sustainable development, overriding in relation to the birds;
3. creation of wildlife, especially birds, conservation, return to the environment, research, commerce, among others, obtaining where necessary proper authorization of the Government;
4. participate in activities to fight biopiracy and smuggling in wildlife, especially birds;
5. encourage the development of public policies in the affected areas to their goals;
6.promote volunteering and to encourage the participation of citizens, businesses and other public and private projects of a socio-environmental, cultural, educational, among others, to develop citizenship, social responsibility, sustainable development, among others ;
7. promote the ethics, peace, citizenship, human rights, democracy among other universal values;
8. promote culture, defense and preservation of historical and artistic and stimulate the production of cultural goods and events, trainers and displays of knowledge, culture and memory;
9. studies and research to provide services related to its objectives and it can hire the services of third parties, and steady, with individuals or entities, public or private, domestic or foreign, contracts, covenants, agreements or use any other forms of collaboration and cooperation;
10.cooperate or participate in government programs or developed by private entities or civil society that affect or are related to their areas, and may even participate in and / or accept invitations to Committees, Boards, Forums, and other networks as well as participate in other legal entities;
11. organize registration and maintain exchanges with domestic and foreign entities related to the environment;
12. disseminate and distribute information, data, papers, studies and documents that raise awareness about issues concerning the environment and promoting sustainable development, especially in regard to birds, among other topics of interest relevant to the objectives of the Ave é Vida Institute;
13. hold exhibitions, workshops, laboratories, conducting courses, classes, symposia, seminars, conferences, lectures, or other events and/or educational activities for children, adolescents and adults which have focus on the goal of the Ave é Vida Institute;
14. develop and organize databases, technology systems, products, tools, devices, establish standards and criteria of quality relating to their area of knowledge, act as certifying, among others;
15. create awards, competitions and other actions related to the encouragement of their fields;
16. establish aid to scholars and researchers so they can contribute to achieving the objectives of the Ave é Vida Institute;
17. produce, disseminate and distribute audiovisual works and editorials, especially institutional films and documentaries as well as books, magazines, among others, whose theme is related with its statutory purposes;
18.disseminating and exploiting the brands of The Ave é Vida Institute and others which owned or possessed by the royalties.